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The Reading Center has been serving children of the Permian Basin for more than 9 years and helped hundreds of children gain reading success. It is the only private tutoring Center specializing in helping children with dyslexia. Now the Reading Center has joined forces with Nessy, an international technology company, to bring award winning learning resources that benefit children of all abilities.

Our Center is an engaging place, where students love to learn. It is motivating, confidence building, and fun! We are passionate about helping students lay a solid foundation to build all other learning upon. Our methodology is complimentary to school curriculums. We help kids build the skills necessary for school success.

Teaching is a combination of digitally delivered, traditionally delivered and games-based curriculum that keep kids engaged and coming back for more. Our Center is a place where learning expectations are set high, and achievements are regularly rewarded.

Teaching at the Nessy Learning Center is not a one size fits all approach, children are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace. We believe that instead of whole class learning, instruction should be individualized and give every child the opportunity to learn the way they learn best.

We celebrate diversity in learning styles while giving students support and encouragement to become confident, fluent readers.

Our goal at The Nessy Learning Center is to get students reading, at or above grade level, as quickly as possible.  Some other programs might work, at first, but those results are short term.  We guarantee long term results because we use a premier Orton-Gillingham program.

The Zones

There will be one specialist Orton-Gillignham trained teacher for a maximum of 12 children at one time and there are 3 learning zones for the kids to explore as they work on Nessy. Each teacher will have their own workstation, bookcase, games and tables to work on with the children.

At the back of the center we also have 3 teaching rooms and one specialist assessor room for 1:1’s, 2:1’s and assessments.

The Pink Zone

The pink zone is where the Hairies live! See if you can find the personalized center Hairy Min with her cowboy hat and lasso! Stroke the furry pink walls!

The Jungle Zone

The Jungle zone is where Burt the Gorilla lives, find him hiding amongst the vines, creep through the jungle grass and see how many monkeys you can count just hanging around!

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Nessy Learning Center/4519 Garfield, suite 16b, Midland, Texas, 79705